Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Well that just stinks

We have a new president and I believe it is one of the worst decisions America has ever made. I am truly disappointed in the American people and how they are willing to be lied to over and over during the campaigning. I feel they will be shocked into reality when he does not fulfill his promises and changes his promises. God is still on the throne and not surprised by the dumb decisions we as Americans just made. This should not have been a vote about race but the issues and while McCain is not a perfect candidate he would have at least taken care of our military. I think the prayers for America just sky rocked and the terrorists just laughed an evil laugh. God have mercy on us! Agree with me or disagree I don't really care just pray for our nation.

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~*Lisa*~ said...

I am 1 million % in agreement with you! My husband just said I hope all those Voter's are ready to fight that war in USA! I pray he is wrong but who knows! Its a very uneasy time in the United States of America. All I know to do is as the Bible says to Pray for our leadership!