Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Harsh words

So my last post may have seemed a bit harsh and while I am not one to usually express my political feelings because I do feel it is personal I was surprised at the American public and how the economy and race were such a huge part of this election. There were so many other issues that even some Christians did not consider with their vote. Coming from a military childhood and marriage, I feel the military issue is above all else. The military protects us from those outside and sometimes inside our country.
While Sept.11 did happen and it was horrendous, because we have such a strong military, we don't see things like that more often. They are brave and strong over the past 8 years have been taken care of. While I do not agree with Bush on many things, I do know he had our military in mind. It was so hard to cast my vote 4 years ago for Bush because I knew when I cast that vote, I was casting a vote for my husband to be deployed again and possible hurt or worse. But I knew in my heart it was the right decision for my country.
The military has to make hard decisions that affect their family and country every day and deserve to have respect and to be provided for. Did you know that a solider who has a family and is less than an E-6 rank qualifies for WIC and in some cases food stamps? It is sad that our heroes are not being cared for in the way they should be. I am thankful those programs are available to them but they should not have to need it. As I said last night, God is not surprised by this it is all in His hands. Just pray for our nation and our new president.

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