Friday, April 8, 2011

This may make step on some toes but I really don't mind!

I don't usually use this blog for politics mostly because politics irritate me! But as an American I cannot stand by and watch this happen without trying to get my voice heard. You may not feel as strongly as I do about this because you may not realize what some soldiers and their families go through for your protection. Yes, I am personally affected by this but so are thousands of people today. But our military affects all of us.
As an enlisted soldier, many live paycheck to paycheck. The pay is so small for some that they qualify for government aid (ironic huh?). Why aren't more two income families? Well, for one they move a lot! One can't find a decent job that is willing to pay and train for 2-3 years. Some are young and undereducated and can only get certain jobs. If stationed overseas many of the better paying jobs go to the foreign nationals and the lower paying jobs are open to the soldier spouses. And some choose not to so to keep some kind of stability within their families when the soldier is gone for a year or more. Or to be able to spend time together as a family when they are home. Imagine not seeing your spouse for a year or more at a time, he's home for not quite that long and is gone again. There is no wonder the divorce rates are high.
What happens to that family who does live off post? If they aren't paid neither is their rent, they no longer have a place to live. There is not enough on post housing for the families. Or what about transportation when their car is repossessed? The soldier will be punished for not showing up to no pay work!
Put yourself in their position, no matter how much you love your job, unless you are independently wealthy, you couldn't do it for free of half what they pay you. You would quit. But our military has a contract and can't quit, they have to stay and accept what the government gives them. We have to do what we can to help these brave men and women who live at the whims of our fickle government.
Please do your part, contact your state reps, your Congressman, and beyond. Let them know we are still a democracy and our voice must be heard! Copy this blog and post it to yours. We need to get this out there. It isn't fair to our military to not stand behind them regardless of how you feel politically. We take stands for animals and the trees, please please take a stand for a soldier and their rights!
Christina Hinson