Friday, January 14, 2011

Snow Week 2011

We woke up Monday morning to 7-8 inches of snow. For our Northern neighbors, this is a joke I know, but for those of us in the south - this is HUGE! Sunday afternoon we got the call that there would be no school Monday. Monday morning I knew there would be no school Tuesday either and in a few hours I was proved correct. Tuesday we found out there would be no church Wednesday night. Wednesday we got the call for no school Thursday and later that day the Superintendant called again to say no school Friday either. And my husband lovingly reminded me that Monday is a holiday so no school until Tuesday!
Wednesday morning, the girls got in a big fight and slammed the bathroom door, which caused two frames to come off the wall and shatter. That was a fun day! I have been trying to come up with creative things to keep them occupied. Mackenzie has enjoyed her time with her sisiters and is learning way too many things from them ... "Mine!" Crossing her arms and saying "Humph!" Thank you Renah! And Renah has come up with a new nickname for Mackenzie - "Evil midgit" Ainsley loves going out in the snow and playing. I usually have to make her come in because it's too cold. They have enjoyed themselves a lot this week and I have enjoyed having them here but am really ready for them to go back to school! I had such big plans to get ao much done over Christmas break but I think I only got about 4 days when the girls weren't here! My classes start Monday so there goes break! Oh well, I have to go look at my work load for classes now. Have a great weekend!