Monday, July 18, 2011

Amazing gel!

I am not one to put products on my blog usually but I have come across an amazing gel that I had to share. Living here in the south, the humidity is crazy! I am letting my hair grow out and it's pretty heavy. So the heaviness of my hair along with the humidity makes for a hairstyle that usually ends up in a ponytail! I have a little curl but when I want blowdry my hair I usually have to roll it or at least curl the ends but like I said within a few minutes, the style is completely gone. Enter Garnier Survivor Gel . I put some in my hair as I was drying it Saturday night, and Sunday morning I hot rolled my hair and it stayed. Not only did it stay through church, this morning before I washed my hair, it still had some of the body from the hot rollers! It was a little hard to brush through but I'm ok with that if I can keep a hairstyle for more than a few minutes! I was a little skeptical but I am very happy with this gel! Give it a try- it is not a waste of money!

* I was not paid for this endorsment, I just really liked the product, but if Garnier would like to send me some product, I will not be offended!