Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Just two?

So my babies are in Florida with my in laws until next week when they come back up for graduation (mine and hubby's - woo hoo!) I miss them! Wade and I went to lunch yesterday and the hostess said that phrase when she was seating us, "just two?" It made me sad, I love being with Wade by ourselves and look forward to our date nights but I just felt like she stabbed me with those two little words.
I know they are having fun but I miss them! Wade has morning classes during the week so i am all alone and it's weird! I told Wade this morning that I have not been by myself this much since he went to Iraq the first time in 2003 when I was pregnant with Ainsley. He left in March, she was born in June, so most days i was alone. It's just weird to realize that I don't do much alone. Yes, sometimes I go to the store but it is a different feeling knowing you are getting away for a couple of hours verses this. I'm sorry if I am not making any sense, I am rambling. Well, I should go do some laundry. have a good day!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Here comes the tooth fairy!

This morning Wade went to church with the girls by himself. I didn't sleep well so I stayed in bed. He came to get me after church for lunch with friends. On the way there, Ainsley was telling me that her granola bar for breakfast was hard and hurt her tooth. When we got to the restaurant, she asked me to look at it. When she opened he mouth i noticed her tooth was sightly crooked so I told her I was going to touch it. It was really loose! She was excited and scared at the same time. We had to wait on a table for awhile because there were quite a few of us. She aasked me to look at it again and it was already pulled away from the back of her gums. I took her to the bathroom and after a few tears, she pulled it herself!
It doesn't seem like it's time for these things yet. She is my baby, but she is growing up too fast!

Friday, July 17, 2009

more on last post

I hope that did not come across judgmental on teen parents. Regardless of what they choose for their baby, as long as the baby is taken care of it is ok. I knew some teen parents who have made great parents. Being a mom is hard no matter your age. My heart was burdened for the second couple so much and i just thought I would share their story. I hope no one was offended.

16 and pregnant

Last night I was laying in bed and found this show on MTV "16 and pregnant" I was curious so I decided to watch. I saw 1/2 of one that was what you would expect, a 16 year girl and her boyfriend not knowing how hard life can be anyway much less as teenage parents without an education or decent job. The next one was surprising. It was a couple of kids who didn't have the best home life. Each of their parents were divorced and ended up marring each other. The kids knew their home life was not good and without finishing their education they would be in the same place as their parents. So they decided on adoption.
Both of their parents were against the idea, not once saying they wanted to help them but saying they should love the baby enough to keep her. The boys dad even told him to "man up" and be a father. The kids were so mature in all of it saying how much they do love her and because of that didn't want her to live in that mess or come from a broken home. The boy said she does need love but she needs more than love because love won't buy diapers or clothes. You could tell they did struggle with the decision to give her up but knew it was best for her.
The worst thing the girls mom did was refuse to sign th paperwork for the adoption. ( I guess because they were minors, they needed parental consent in order to give the baby up on the hospital property) So the babies mom, had to leave the hospital with the baby knowing she was giving her up. It was so hard on her because she had geared herself up for leaving the hospital empty handed. They had to leave the property to give the baby up.
I was so proud of those kids as they knew what was best for their daughter no matter how hard it was for them they couldn't be selfish about it. They were talking with some friends at one point and was asked if they had just considered getting married and raising her. They said we are too young and would end up divorced and that is no life for her. Yes, they were too young to have a baby, but they knew that and it took so much strength to do what they did. I hope they do finish high school and college.
I was just so touched by that particular show and in a way felt their pain. it showed them in the hospital holding her and kissing their child goodbye. I know that feeling - though we had different circumstances, we each laid in a hospital bed holding our baby and said goodbye. If you think of them today, say a prayer for this young couple who made such an amazing choice despite the opposition they faced. Pray for their peace and their future, and for those other young parents who choose to keep their baby despite the opposition they may face.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Long week!

Well, I had a July 4th blog in my head ready to go and was going to blog about it but last Tuesday night, Wade and I were online and he said "Are you still online?" Long story only a little shorter, our lovely provider has yet to figure out autopay no matter how many times we call to set it up and go ahead and pay the bill since it still was not set up. According to them, we had not paid at all so they shut it off completely. They were unable to over ride the computer and said we would not have service until Friday. On Friday, still no service and after 3 hours on the phone and no help my hubby decided to wait until the next day. Everyone he talked to had no idea why it was shut off and were as confused as we were. Finally, Sunday morning we had internet again. Oh we are not happy customers but at least we have internet again and I don't feel so disconnected! I hope you had a great week!

Thursday, July 2, 2009


So I think I mentioned it last time but for Ainsley's birthday she got her own room. Therefore, Renah too got her own room sort of. She was really upset that Ainsley was leaving her. We were going to use the 4th bedroom as a nursery/guest room. We decided to ask Renah if she wanted Mackenzie in her room. She was thrilled! She is so excited to be sharing her room with the baby (even though right now it is just her crib and we have told her that after she is born it will still take awhile)
The amazing thing to Wade and I is that there has been much less fighting since then and they play together so much better! It has been really nice. Even bedtime is easier! I am so thankful for the room to give them their own space! Yesterday we were at the pool and the whole time they carried each other around and played happily together . It made this mommy's heart so happy! I do have a sister but she is nine years older than me and we have never been that close. I love that I have my little girls ( and another one on the way) to have that sister bond that i always wanted. I pray they are close for life as there is something very special about sisters.