Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I have my camera back!

I have been camera- less for awhile now. I lost my charger I don't even know when. So last week, my hubby went on ebay and bought me a new one (is there anything you can't find on ebay?) So I took a few pictures at Chuck E.Cheese this weekend but not many because I was holding my purse, coat, tokens and tickets! But at one point, Ainsley did that picture thing that takes your picture then "draws" it. She brought it to me and I couldn't believe how big she looked. It is not a good picture because it is a picture of a picture without the flash but you can get the idea.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

I made it

Monday was very hard but I made it. I took my test online but did not go to the rest of my classes. I just didn't feel like it. We took the girls to a park in the early evening and had ice cream for dinner. The rest of the week went alright, Tuesday, a friend wanted to take me to a small town that has some really good bargain stores. We had a good time.
Today, we had a birthday party at Chuck E.Cheese. The girls had so much fun. They haven't been in a long time because it is in Chattanooga. It was funny because the last time we went, Renah had just turned 2 and Ainsley was 3, we had to follow them and help them with everything. This time, they would get tokens from us and go off to play. We did help get them some tickets though because of course you can't leave without some kind of junk!
We got home and all took a nap. I woke up starving and made tacos for dinner yum! I haven't been cooking much lately. We have been so busy and exhausted and the next few weeks will be even busier with our Easter program coming up and I am planning a wedding for someone in the next 6 weeks. This post seems really disjointed but I am trying to get the girls in their bath and thinking about studying for another German test I have on Monday. So i am going to go and bathe my munchkins, i hope you are having a great weekend.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Tomorrow is the day I have been dreading for nearly 6 months. It would have been my due date. The whole month has been difficult. I have known of several women who were due around the same time as I was and have all had their baby. It is just so hard.
It is not that I am not grateful for the child I am carrying for I know that this child would not be in exsistance had I not lost Mishael. But no one should have to choose one child's life over another and no matter how many children I have, I will always miss him and know one of my children are missing.
I would love to go to bed tonight and not get out of bed until tomorrow is over but unfortunately there are tests and so many things going on I can't do that. I am so sad tonight and miss him terribly.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

I'm back

I didn't mean to be away so long but we were on vacation this week. It was wonderful! We went to Gatlinburg with some friends and stayed in a cabin. It was so nice to get away (and the hot tub was a nice extra!) When our friend sends pictures i will put them on - I have got to get a new camera or get a new charger! We played miniature golf in 40 degree weather, went to Wonderworks and did the dinner show and did a little outlet shopping. It was very restful and what we needed. I hope you are doing well and i will update more later. Have a good Sunday afternoon!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Renah to the rescue!

The other day, we were going to lunch and we saw a homeless man by the side of the road. Renah asked what he was doing so I told her he did not have a home and he was asking for help. We decided to get him a meal as well. Unfortunately, he was gone when we went back out. Renah was so upset by this and by the fact he didn't have a bed or stuffed animals.
Later on, she was telling Ainsley about what she had seen that day (Ainsley was in school at the time) Renah decided that the next time we see him we should get him and bring him to our house. I told her that was sweet but we don't have an extra bed or room for him. She was quiet for a while (she amazes me at her attention span and how long she will think about something) About 30 minutes later she announced, " I have a great idea! We will get a bigger house and another bed right by me and I will share my pillows and blankets and he can live with us!"
She was so proud of her idea. As was I. I love that she is so generous and is trying to save the world!

It's whats on the inside

Earlier this week, Ainsley had her spring pictures taken. We had picked out a cute little dress for her to wear the night before. When she woke up in the morning she decided she did not want to wear that she wanted to wear jeans instead. Since it was her picture I decided to let her wear what she wanted. A few minutes later she changed her mind again and at this point we didn't have time for her to change. Plus, we are working on consequences based on your decisions. Good or bad, we want her to understand she can't always change her mind once she realizes the consequence of her decision. We are teaching her she can fix it but not change it.
She realized in her picture she would be wearing jeans and wanted to look cute. Something else we are working on is teaching the girls that true beauty comes from the heart, and no matter what she wears, if her heart is not pretty, she won't be pretty on the outside. So we talked about how some people don't have nice clothes but are beautiful because of their heart and someone who may have the best clothes may not very nice looking if their heart is not good. I felt pretty good about this talk as I was being patient with her and trying to explain this. We were in the car at this point and she is still upset so in a very whiny voice she says, "But mommy, they aren't going to take a picture of my heart!"
It took me a few minutes to recover form that one so she wouldn't see me snicker. We then prayed and walked into school. Out of the mouth of babes! This mothering stuff is tough! My next post will be about Renah trying to save the world!