Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hormones and phone calls

That is a great mix! Right now is the super busy time at work plus we have thrown a few more things in the mix just for fun so the phone are ringing off the hook! I cannot take much more of people calling because they did not read something and want me to tell them what it says. I really should start adding a disclaimer when I answer the phone "I'm pregnant and hormonal, do you really feel like you should be calling?" Grr it is so frusterating! Sorry I had to get that out!
I had the worst soup at lunch today. It was the mexican chicken tortilla soup from Campbell's Healthy Request line. Don't buy it! I managed to get down about 3 bites and threw the rest away I could not handle any more. Now I am hungry and am going to look for a snack. On a good note, I have had 72 ounces of water today and am about to go get another 24 ounces. I got a new bottle for my water and I don't know if it's the straw or the pretty pink color but I am drinking tons of water. So much so that I don't feel guilty about the occasional soda or sweet tea. It's Thursday and tomorrow's Friday! Woo hoo!!! I don't think we are doing much this weekend but it a couple of days off and that is always exciting! Well, if I don't hear from you have a great weekend!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Nothing creative

I felt like blogging but don't really have much to say. I am so tired I can barely keep my head up! We had a good weekend but it was not nearly long enough! I hope you all are doing well and have a great week! Sorry about such a shourt boring post but like I said right now i have nothing to say!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I miscalculated my due date. I counted June. I am actually due March 23. Due dates are weird. Once you find out you are pregnant, you count a couple of weeks that you weren't pregnant. Anyway I am 5 weeks now and have my first appointment Monday. Yay tests!


Ok, I am now going to talk about something that shouldn't have to be talked about but I guess it isn't realized. Ladies, when you are in a bathroom you are there for that reason only. If no one is in there, feel free to redo your makeup, fix your hair, do yoga - I don't care. But when you hear someone else come in and after that they are completely silent, it is your duty (no pun intended) to get out as quickly as possible. they need to be alone! I'm not saying skip the hygene - please wash your hands! You just don't have to scrub up like you are going into surgery. All they want is a little privacy and you should respect that. Thank you!

Monday, July 21, 2008


I had no idea what to call this post! We have been church shopping again. We have to find a place where Wade can be on staff (not necessarily paid) so he can get his requirements for the chaplaincy. We had a place we were going and enjoyed it but it was a different denomination than Wade will be going in as a chaplain. So we needed to find a new church. We have been looking for several weeks. I hate it! I want to open the phonebook and have God highlight where we should go.
We went somewhere yesterday and we knew when the first person greeted us, this place was not for us. We didn't want to be rude so we stayed (it was a small church - they would have noticed us leaving!). We had heard good things about this place but it was not at all what we expected. It is amazing to me how one person can walk into a church and love it and know that is where they are supposed to be and another person walk in and know that is not where they are supposed to be. It's the same church, they believe what you do, but it just isn't where you fit.
We have found some places that are ok, but when I go to church I want to feel as though I belong and am needed. Because I do know that feeling, I want to know instantly! That may be the wrong approach but I know that we are on a limited time frame of when we have to find a church home and become involved. I don't want to visit month after month waiting to know if that is the place or not. For one, my girls have their friends and then we leave - try explaining that to a 3 and 5 year old. They don't understand why we don't fit there when they are fine there.
Aside from that, the weekend went pretty well. We tried a new pizza place Friday night and Ross finally opened! I walked in and it was so weird - it smelled exactly the same as the one in Texas. It's like they have filtered "Ross" air. I of course found some great things.
My SIL bought me some maternity capris since I will not be in my regular ones for much longer. I found a cute dress and jacket and some really cute flats. I do not normally wear flats but with having to walk all over campus next sememster pregnant no less I thought I had better find some cute flats. I don't wear sneakers that often. I generally only wear them to work out or when I feel really grungy. Not that there is anything wrong with them ( I feel like Seinfeld right now - "not that there is anything wrong with that"!) I even like some of the new sneakers that are non athletic and are mostly for looks but I don't know how much use I would get out of them. I love that store. You have to have time to look though. i left the girls with Wade and his uncle at the pizza place and walked over so I could have some time to look.
It is the kind of store you can't go looking for something specfic or you won't find a thing! But if you go just looking for general "clothes" or "shoes" you can usually find something. I love it for kids clothes too! Well, I guess I will end this super long post for today. Have a great day!


I so didn't do the linking right - if anyone can tell me how please feel free!

I've been tagged by Colleen

Here are the rules:
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Ok, here goes - I don't know if I have done this link thing correctly or not!

1- Right now I answer phone and questions all day - really annoying!

2- I cannot drink water from a bathroom sink, even to rinse my mouth after brushing completely grosses me out!

3- I love jammie parties with my little girls. We put our jammies on, eat popcorn and watch movies. I love that they want to be with me and do these things. I will continue this for as long as I can!

4- I enjoy housecleaning. One wouldn't know this by looking at my house right now! But there is something theraputic about cleaning.

5- I have had 6 eye surgeries begining at age 2 and the last one was at 27. I will probably have to have a few more.

6- I love being pregnant! I don't get morning sickness, just tired but I can deal with that. I feel best about myself and I don't focus on my flaws. I would stay about 6 months pregnant if I could!

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Go Fish

That is what I feel you might say when I ask this. Does anyone have any motivation they could spare? I have none and would like some. Right now all I want to do is go home and nap. I can't do that b/c I have family visiting, clothes to wash and fold, a marketing test to study for (from last semseter!), dinner to get on, and the list goes on as do most moms to do list! So if you happen to have any spare motivation laying around your spotless house ( because really yours doesn't look as bad as mine!) PLEASE send it my way!
Thank you for the congratulations on my expanding belly - I mean family! Wade says he is excited about it but he is so stressed out he can't sleep. He is concerned about finances with a 3rd child. This is such a switch for us. Usually I am the one who worries about everything and he says, "Don't worry, God will provide for us, have some faith!" Which of course bugs me b/c I do try but things stress me out. Now he is the one worried and I am the laid back one. Let me tell you, I would prefer it the other way.
We went to the mall last night to buy me a new bra since as some of you may know, that area is the first thing to expand! He couldn't enjoy the looking at baby stuff because all he saw were price tags. So if you would please pray for my husband that he would let God take his concerns and worries and depend on Him in this time. I just want to be excited about our news - I can worry tomorrow, because tomorrow is another day!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What's new?

I only have a few minutes b/c I have got to get some things done but wanted to let you know my new news. I am having a baby! I found out yesterday at lunch. It is a bit of a suprise but I have wanted another baby for so long! I told the girls and they are so excited! Renah keeps wanting to feel the baby. Wade said the first thing this morning, she opened her eyes and said, "did mommy take the baby to work?" Ainsley and Renah keep arguing over who gets to change the baby. It is too funny. I doubt that argument will continue after the baby is born. I told Wade I was a little concerned Sunday when I put my jeans on that they were getting tight. I knew I hadn't gained any weight but they did not fit as well as they did the week before. Now I know why! When I got pregnant with Renah after about 3 weeks I couldn't zip my jeans at all and i had lost weight. Looks as though it will be that way again. I will keep you updated!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Is it 5:00 yet?

It's Friday and the hours are trickling by. I started out with a not so good morning. I got up and showered and for some reason thought I didn't have time to dry my hair so I scrunched it and when I came out of the bathroom I saw it wasn't even 7:30 I had plenty of time to fix my hair! Then I was about to leave and Ainsley wanted me to come back and hug her for a few minut (which I didn't mind!) so I did and was then running behind so I had to drive - which later was a good thing. I got to work and was standing around showing pics of Renah's haircut (more in a min) and a friend said, "hey did you know your shirt is on inside out?"
So I went to fix it and as I was in our meeting I noticed a stain. I pulled my shirt out a little to work on it and noticed several stains. I was so embarassed! So I went to my boss after the meeting and said, "apparently I got dressed in the dark and since it was inside out I didn't see this - can I go change?' He was nice enough to let me but know I am not feeling good in what I am wearing. I am having a fat day and feel miserable! Sorry, I know you don't want to know!
Last night I got off work and Renah and I headed to the salon. I kept asking her and she was very excited. When we got there we were told just a few minutes and she would be with us. TWO HOURS LATER we were finally seen! I would have left and come back if I had known it was going to be so long. Turns out she was working on 3 colors and was super busy. I was irritated to say the least but I didn't know how long it was going to be and by the time 2 hours had past I didn't know if I could get in anywhere else. In the end her hair cut is so cute! It is to her sholders and can flip out. I did tear up when she cut the ponytail though!
I will try and post some pictures but I rarely post from home so maybe this weekend. I went to bed really early last night. Wade was on the computer so I put the girls in bed with me and turned on Hannah Montana and fell asleep (I am waiting on my mother of the year award in the mail!) I woke up at midnight so thirsty I could hardly swallow. So I got water and fell back asleep instantly. I woke up again at 3:30 with a sharp pain by my shoulder blade. I felt alot of pressure with it as well. So much so that I thought one of the girls were laying on me. i got up to go to the couch. Wade offered me his spot in bed but I knew I needed the couch. As much as I love our mattress, sometimes I need to put my back up against something. I slept out there for the rest of the night and thankfully the pain was gone in the morning. I have no idea what it was but it was really painful. Even after going to sleep by 9:30 last night, I could still fall asleep right now- what is wrong with me?
One more thing, i was offered the student worker position in my office for the fall! Too funny! I would only work 10 hours a week and I think if we can work out a schedule i might and I would still have more time at home than now. Wade and I are going to discuss it this weekend. Have a great weekend!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Ainsley's hair cut and my superpowers

I was in desperate need of getting my hair cut so I took Ainsley with me. Because the last time I went, Ainsley said, "the next time you go get your hair cut I want mine done too!" She wanted hers like mommy's she kept saying. So I talked to Wade and we decided to let her get her hair cut the way she wanted. It is about to the middle of her neck and is really cute. Part of me is sad that her hair is gone, but the other part sees how cute it is and is ok. She was so proud of it, she sat still while her hair was being cut and when it was over she kept looking in the mirror and smiling.
While we were getting our hair cut, Renah was having daddy time even though she did not want to! When we got home she started crying and saying, " I wanted to get my hair cut!" I was afraid of this. As hard as it was to let Ainsley get hers done, it will be even harder to have Renah's done. But b/c I don't want her feeling let out, I am taking her tonight. She is not getting it cut that short though!
I went to bed a little earlier last night but am still so tired I could fall asleep right now! I hate that really tired feeling where you have to struggle to keep your eyes open. This is when in life, if I had a superpower it would be to stop time. Think about it, you need a nap but you don't have time - stop time! Guests are on there way and the house is a wreck - stop time! You have too many errands to run in your lunch hour - stop time! But then the vain part of me wonders with the rest of the world standing still and I'm not, will I continue to age at the same rate? So when I have stopped time for a couple of years over my lifetime will I look 2 years older than I should? And, do I really waste time thinking of these things? Please tell me I am not the only one in the world who contemplates superpowers and aging or other crazy thoughts!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Patience is a virtue...

.... that I am lacking right now! And no, I am not going to pray for it - I work in Financial Aid, if that doesn't try the patience I don't know what does! Anyway, as you know we are going back into the army as chaplains, that is where my patience is lacking. I want us to be doing that now. I don't want us to have to go through the next few years in school and training, I just want the knowledge to appear in our heads and the degrees appear in our laps! Now I know, the next few years are going to be good for us. I just have that limbo feel. Like we are in a waiting room waiting for our lives to begin. Then the mom comes out in me and I want time to freeze so my babies stay this way for awhile! I guess you can't get everything you want. I can't make time slow down or speed up!

So we had Ainsley's Hannah Montana party this past weekend. She had so much fun! We bought her a Hannah guitar. it plays some of her songs and she can add sounds plus it has a microphone that amplifies their voice. She and Renah both love it. The next big thing is the first day of school and I plan on taking that day off b/c I will be crying all day! I can't even think about it with out crying!
Renah has been really wanting me to stay home all the time lately. She asks me why do I have to work and when can I stay home with her. It breaks my heart! So the countdown is on - 41 days! True, I will not be the full time stay at home mom but I will have more time with her and hopefully will be able to pick Ainsley up from school and spend more time with her as well.
Things have been busy at work lately so I may not be on as much, but as soon as I can I will update. Bye!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Machines bug me!

Well, I have been meaning to blog for several days but my wonderful computer was so incredibly slow as it has been for awhile now. My boss decided to switch my CPU's for one that is faster. I am happy that I have the faster one but it took forever to get me going again. And I have had work to do. We are having Ainsley's Hannah Montana party on Saturday. She is so excited! I just want her to have fun.

As I said, machines really bug me! Not just my oh so slow computer but any other slow machine. maybe I want it done too fast I don't know. But by the time have to sit there and wait on the printer to stop going up and down and finally copy, I am annoyed! I just feel that if these things are "high tech" I should be able to have them done lightning speed. Enough of that.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend with lots of yummy cookouts! (this blog was really disjointed - sorry about that!)