Monday, September 22, 2008

I guess I pushed the button that said I have nothing but time!

So, I am seriously in need of a phone upgrade. My phone is so sad looking. The black paint is all scratched off, the part of the phone that flips is coming off, and many other things. So I call AT&T, formerly Cingular, formerly AT&T and Cingular and was put in circles for a whopping 85 minutes! I thought my head was going to explode. I had to get my husband's phone replaced which got done in about 30 min. Only about 7 min of person talk time. The rest of time was spent on hold for his phone then they told me to go online for my problem. So I did while I was on the phone for Wade's phone so I could multitask.
Online, they won't let me upgrade so when they came back to the phone I asked to be transferred again to check on my phone. The woman on the phone said b/c I couldn't get them online I could speak with someone in sales to get the online prices so she transfers me. 35 min later, the guy gets on the phone and is telling me that b/c there is a problem with my premier account, he cannot get my info to come up correctly and will have to submit a ticket which will take about a week to fix. Then askes for a work email address, I inform him Wade and I are both students and don't have a job, which he then replies,"Then they won't fix it, you have to have a work email address." I am thinking he is kidding but nope very serious! I told him I really miss Cingular b/c they never had issues like this. Wade will be calling back to try and get this taken care of. I was so irritated! 85 minutes of my day gone and no phone to show for it!
The worst part is for us, this has been the best company (again before they merged) Sprint was awful as was Verizon! GRRR! Well, I hae a ginormous test tomorrow so I have to study!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Busy lives!

Well, I have a couple of minutes. Ok, not really, I should be cleaning my messy house or studying for my Physical Science Test I have on Friday! But instead, I am waiting on my girls to finish their snack so we can lay down for a bit. We are helping start a new ministry in our church to local college kids. Since there is the community college and Lee, there are quite a few college kids here. But b/c we have little ones and will be out late, they need to rest before we go. So if you think about us, pray for this new ministry starting and for my family that God stretch our daily housr to encompass all we need to fit into 24 hours!
We had our first ultrasound Monday. I checked Ainsley out a couple of hours early so she could go with us. The girls were so excited. We got a few really good pictures and so far everything looks good! 7 more weeks until they do the next one, we should be able to find out the gender then. That seems like forever away! Hope you all have a great day!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

It's a girl!

No, not my baby! It's too early for that! So who is a girl? Miley, our new shelter rescue dog! She is about a 2 year old basenji - beagle mix. She is housebroken (except for one accident), does not bark, and very gentle. We have been rying to go look at dogs at this shelter for a few weeks but it is always closed, we finally found it open and I took the girls. We had been talking about getting a dog but not too seriously.
We went in there and there were 2 dogs. One was a big, loud, hyper dog - instant no, then there was Sandy (she never answered to that name so we changed it) We got her out to play with her and Renah - little miss scared of nearly every dog known to man- fell in love with her! The dog at one point jumped on her and she laughed! I told them we would talk to daddy. So we went and picked him up from class and took him there. They told us we could always bring the dog back and get the money back if she didn't work for us. We left and talked about it, Wade had another class but told me to go back and get her and we would try her out.
We have had a couple a issues which can be expected. She runs out if a door is open and is really hard to catch. We didn't want to leave her going though the whole house for the couple of hours we weren't there so we put her in the bathoom - she chewed the base boards. We don't have to leave her but about 5 hours a week. Otherwise, I take her and Renah to meet Wade when I have a class and visa versa. She has been really good for Renah with Ainsley being in kindergarten. She is a very sweet dog and I think is fitting in well with us. I am hoping she stays sweet, and good natured! Have a good day!