Thursday, July 3, 2008

Machines bug me!

Well, I have been meaning to blog for several days but my wonderful computer was so incredibly slow as it has been for awhile now. My boss decided to switch my CPU's for one that is faster. I am happy that I have the faster one but it took forever to get me going again. And I have had work to do. We are having Ainsley's Hannah Montana party on Saturday. She is so excited! I just want her to have fun.

As I said, machines really bug me! Not just my oh so slow computer but any other slow machine. maybe I want it done too fast I don't know. But by the time have to sit there and wait on the printer to stop going up and down and finally copy, I am annoyed! I just feel that if these things are "high tech" I should be able to have them done lightning speed. Enough of that.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend with lots of yummy cookouts! (this blog was really disjointed - sorry about that!)

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Jennifer said...

I know - I hate technology too! Just when you get dependent on something, it breaks... Give me a rotary phone and a record player any day - at least I can take them apart and fix them! :)