Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hormones and phone calls

That is a great mix! Right now is the super busy time at work plus we have thrown a few more things in the mix just for fun so the phone are ringing off the hook! I cannot take much more of people calling because they did not read something and want me to tell them what it says. I really should start adding a disclaimer when I answer the phone "I'm pregnant and hormonal, do you really feel like you should be calling?" Grr it is so frusterating! Sorry I had to get that out!
I had the worst soup at lunch today. It was the mexican chicken tortilla soup from Campbell's Healthy Request line. Don't buy it! I managed to get down about 3 bites and threw the rest away I could not handle any more. Now I am hungry and am going to look for a snack. On a good note, I have had 72 ounces of water today and am about to go get another 24 ounces. I got a new bottle for my water and I don't know if it's the straw or the pretty pink color but I am drinking tons of water. So much so that I don't feel guilty about the occasional soda or sweet tea. It's Thursday and tomorrow's Friday! Woo hoo!!! I don't think we are doing much this weekend but it a couple of days off and that is always exciting! Well, if I don't hear from you have a great weekend!

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The Boatner Family said...

I will "tag" when I get my computer back! The hard drive crashed! Your post crack me up! I am pregnant and hormonal do you really wanna call me? ha ha