Thursday, July 17, 2008

Go Fish

That is what I feel you might say when I ask this. Does anyone have any motivation they could spare? I have none and would like some. Right now all I want to do is go home and nap. I can't do that b/c I have family visiting, clothes to wash and fold, a marketing test to study for (from last semseter!), dinner to get on, and the list goes on as do most moms to do list! So if you happen to have any spare motivation laying around your spotless house ( because really yours doesn't look as bad as mine!) PLEASE send it my way!
Thank you for the congratulations on my expanding belly - I mean family! Wade says he is excited about it but he is so stressed out he can't sleep. He is concerned about finances with a 3rd child. This is such a switch for us. Usually I am the one who worries about everything and he says, "Don't worry, God will provide for us, have some faith!" Which of course bugs me b/c I do try but things stress me out. Now he is the one worried and I am the laid back one. Let me tell you, I would prefer it the other way.
We went to the mall last night to buy me a new bra since as some of you may know, that area is the first thing to expand! He couldn't enjoy the looking at baby stuff because all he saw were price tags. So if you would please pray for my husband that he would let God take his concerns and worries and depend on Him in this time. I just want to be excited about our news - I can worry tomorrow, because tomorrow is another day!


mrssaf said...

I tagged you at my blog go ahead and go over there and find out what you have to do

Cresta said...

Poor Wade, David is the same way, with every baby! He'll get past the worries and start being excited soon!