Thursday, July 10, 2008

Ainsley's hair cut and my superpowers

I was in desperate need of getting my hair cut so I took Ainsley with me. Because the last time I went, Ainsley said, "the next time you go get your hair cut I want mine done too!" She wanted hers like mommy's she kept saying. So I talked to Wade and we decided to let her get her hair cut the way she wanted. It is about to the middle of her neck and is really cute. Part of me is sad that her hair is gone, but the other part sees how cute it is and is ok. She was so proud of it, she sat still while her hair was being cut and when it was over she kept looking in the mirror and smiling.
While we were getting our hair cut, Renah was having daddy time even though she did not want to! When we got home she started crying and saying, " I wanted to get my hair cut!" I was afraid of this. As hard as it was to let Ainsley get hers done, it will be even harder to have Renah's done. But b/c I don't want her feeling let out, I am taking her tonight. She is not getting it cut that short though!
I went to bed a little earlier last night but am still so tired I could fall asleep right now! I hate that really tired feeling where you have to struggle to keep your eyes open. This is when in life, if I had a superpower it would be to stop time. Think about it, you need a nap but you don't have time - stop time! Guests are on there way and the house is a wreck - stop time! You have too many errands to run in your lunch hour - stop time! But then the vain part of me wonders with the rest of the world standing still and I'm not, will I continue to age at the same rate? So when I have stopped time for a couple of years over my lifetime will I look 2 years older than I should? And, do I really waste time thinking of these things? Please tell me I am not the only one in the world who contemplates superpowers and aging or other crazy thoughts!

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