Sunday, October 5, 2008


Why yes, I am up late. Thanks for noticing. I am waiting for my hubby to get home. I guess his phone is dead and the show has been over for awhile. So I can't sleep as I am worried about him. I feel like I had o worry about him enough while he was in Iraq, I don't want to have to worry about him here but I do. I just wish he would call and let me know he is ok!
While I wait with my migraine coming on from being so tired,I will tell you about my day. Laundry anyone? We were embarrassingly behind on laundry. We had piles of it by the laundry room so I stayed home all day and did laundry until I could see that floor. So glad that is done only to have the girls get ready for bath and give me more laundry! I still have to clean the rest of the house, I didn't want to get too involved in cleaning today b/c I wanted to be able to fold the laundry right as it came out of the dryer so it wouldn't just sit there as it normally does. So I just did some picking up in between loads so I wouldn't have so many things going at once. Exciting day, huh?
Last night I went grocery shopping. I haven't done a big shopping trip in forever! On the way to the store my ever logical youngest child made me laugh. She was saying she was going to have 5 babies and 5 kids (10 children total). The she said she was going to have 3 husbands. I asked her why she wanted more than one husband, without a pause she said," momma, I'm going to have 5 babies and 5 kids, I will need help rocking!" I thought I was going to loose it! I told her that when she had kids I would help her rock her babies so she wouldn't have to have so many husbands! It amazes me sometimes that she is only 3. Well, I am going to get some crackers and watch some more tv while I wait. I hope everything is alright!

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mrssaf said...

hahahahahahahaha she is TOO funny I love it! ou need to write some of these donw. You think now, they are so unique I will never forget this stuff but honestly you will write it down!