Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Other new things....

I hope everyone had a great weekend. I coordinated a wedding Friday night. It was so much fun but I was exhausted! It went really well I think and would love to do more. the florist and the DJ took my info to recommend me for other jobs. I will also be looking into becoming a doula. I have coached a couple of women during labor and delivery and it is a wonderful job. It is hard work, but you get to witness a miracle. Maybe you are wondering why I would take on extra jobs when I always whine that I want to be home with my girls. Well, Wade and I have decided that I will quit my job and go to school full time in the fall. Scary - yes! But, we have been thinking about it for awhile now and with the new doors opened for Chaplaincy that takes some of the worry away from paying back these student loans.
This is the thing I was talking about a few weeks ago that I couldn't talk about then. We are now going to take that leap of faith and go for it. I am so close to graduating then I might go for my masters in counseling. Yhat would be useful as a chaplains wife.
Totally different subject - Bath and Body Works is having a sale. The signature fragrances are $4 a piece or 6 for $20. And the antibacterial soaps are 7 for $20. I stocked up! They even had Sun ripened Raspberry. I can't decide if I still like it or it reminds me of being 14! Not that that was a great time! But I got some anyway. I used pearberry last night and Ainsley crawled in to bed with me and said," mmm mommy you smell good - what is that!"
I am going to a friend's house to paint tonight. I enjoy painting - seeing a room transform with a little effort. In a few weeks I get to paint my house. I can't wait for that! Well, I guess I will end this for now I have been working on it for several hours now! Have a good day!

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Jennifer said...

Wow! Big changes! I had doulas at my births, more as a midwife in training, but it was great to have someone who was informed and "for me," so to speak. Sounds like you've got options, which is nice.