Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Cry Fest 2008

So I was reading a post about movies that make you cry and decided to make my own list.

Steel Magnolias - All time favorite movie but no matter how many times I watch it, the scene where Mi'lynn is at the gravesite and starts crying and asking why - I lose it! But not 2 minutes later when she passes up the chance of a lifetime to "whack a Whezzer" I am laughing so hard. I love that move. I really want to see it in the theater. Also I want another one - bring back all the wonderful actresses (minus Julia Roberts of course - sniff) and lets see what these women can talk about at Truvy's 2!

Meet the Robinson's - Yes, it is a cartoon but when he gets adopted I had a few tears!

My Life - Michael Keeton recording his life for his unborn child - enough said!

P.S. I love you - through the whole movie I was a mess!

My Best Friends Wedding - Still a little bitter he didn't end up with Julia - where he belonged!

Forrest Gump - losing Jenny and Bubba - too much!

Somersby - At the end when he is about to be hanged and he is searching for her in the crowd. She is trying to get there and there eyes meet for a moment before his head is covered then she watches him die. Oh the agony!

Army Wives - Yes, I know it isn't a movie but the first one of the new season I had no idea who died, when they started showing the daughter in the hospital and the dad crying - nightmares that night. It was awful!

Since I am no longer on movies:

Love you forever - book about a little boy and his mom who may be a bit too much but it took me two years of trying to read it to my girls to make it through without crying!

My daughters growing up - that is what makes me cry most of all!

So what makes you cry?

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Rhonda said...

Hi christina! Found your blog from someone else's site and thought I would drop by.
I cried ALL the way through PS I LOVE YOU (both times!). It was horrible and I had Mayor Loretta Spencer sitting right beside me. How humiliating! The next week I saw Becoming Jane and sat in the theater crying again! The Notebook makes me cry too... but then again I always cry when I watch Little House on the Prairie so what does that say about me lol