Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Moving and rain and shots oh my!

We got moved in. We worked all day Saturday and Sunday but we got it done. Saturday was beautiful but Saturday night it started raining and continued through most of Sunday. We got soaked! I am really tired and sore though. I stayed home Monday but didn't get too much done, just about a room because I had errands most of the day. Last night we were putting up curtains and as I reached into the tool box something cut me. I looked and it was a rusty razor blade. i cleaned it but this morning it was tingling and swollen. I went to the health clinic on campus and had to get a tetinis shot. Now one hand is swollen and the other arm hurts. He said I may have to go get some antiboitics if the swelling doesn't go down since there may have been a chemical or something that is now in my system. That is about all for today.

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Jennifer said...

Wow! I hope you get over the tingling quickly. Doesn't sounds too fun, but I'm glad to hear you're moved in. :)