Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Is there a doctor in the house?

I got a call from my daughter's daycare today at lunch, they were concerned about some bumps on my youngest daughter and asked that I get her checked out to make sure it wasn't chicken pox. I called my boss to let him know I was going to be a few minutes late getiing back to work. I went to the Heath Clinic on campus (since I'm staff I thought they would help me out) No- they won't touch children. So I went to our pediatrician - no you can't walk in. I tried the health dept. downtown - no the nurse won't look at patients, then I went to a pharmacy with a nurse on call - no, the nurse wouldn't feel comfortable telling me yes or no. Finally, I went to a walk in clinic and they took her. Thankfully not chicken pox. We have a really bad flea problem at our house right now and that is more than likely what it is.
We have used flea powders, sprays, flea bombs, natural remedies, nothing is working! It only bothers Renah and I. We got rid of the cats last week and did the flea bomb but those are some tough fleas! Renah and I got even more bites after that. Does anyone have any suggestions?

On another note, my 4 day weekend was nice. On Friday, the girls and I went to look in a few antique shops, and went to a park, went on a nature walk, had lunch at Chick - fil- a and played there for awhile. It was a fun filled morning. Saturday I did some packing and we went to a little cookout, Sunday I woke up with a bad migraine and serious sinus problems. I felt horrible. we didn't go to church, we just laid around. I did a lot of packing Monday. All in all it was productive and nice spending the time with the girls. I hope you Memorial Day was good as well.

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