Wednesday, May 14, 2008


It is about 15min. before it's time to go home - woo hoo! There hasn't been a lot going on at work right now except for the phone calls and there have been a ton of those. But I am a good multitasker so reading something online while I talk on the phone is something I do quite often. I would like to thank those bloggers who do write often - it really gives me something to do! I get a little concerned about someone when I check on a blog several days and there is nothing new - help me people - I need something new! We are almost halfway through this year. Wasn't I begging my husband to help me take down our tree just last month? Holy Cow! Oops I just saw where I still have some mail to sort before I go home so I guess I will stop this random blog for now. Have a great day! - 2 minutes later that took no time at all! I guess the randomness (is that a word) will continue. Would you like a laugh today? Go to June's blog ok I did not do that link thing right - any suggestions on how to do it? Anyway - she is so funny. it took me about 2 days to go through her last year and this year -I laughed until I almost peed! Well, for those of you who know me , you know it doesn't take much for me to pee when I'm laughing. TMI? Reguardless, it was funny! Is irreguardless a word? Doesn't that mean not reguardless and so therefore is the opposite of what one is trying to say? I don't know but I don't like when when someone says it. Ooh 5 minutes to 5! Ok I am going to close out of everything and sit here for the other 4 minutes waiting to race out the door!


The Nester said...

Hey girl! do you know that June is my favorite blogger? So much that we even met a few months ago? Love her! Do you read her new blog, buy buy pie? I think she is the funniest blogger I know!

christina-defining moments said...

I found her through your site! I have nearly wet myself reading her blogs!