Thursday, May 29, 2008

And now deep thoughts with Christina...

I am in a war - a war against fleas. Wade set off 5 flea bombs in the house today. I hope this take care of things. I am going to steam the mattresses and the vaccum them and wash the sheets in hot water. Plus I have to pack tonight. I am taking Monday off to try and get the new place in order. As I have said before I do like to move but I really want to paint this place and we can't until we are all moved in. That bugs me, I do love to paint but I like to do it when there aren't a bunch of things I have to move. But oh well, I will b/c that is the way this move is going to be. I will get to paint soon and I can't wait.
I just love what a fresh coat of paint does to an area. You can change the entire look of a space with a few gallons of paint. In the house we are about to sell, when I first saw it the living room (which has a loft area so the ceilings are about 16-18 ft tall) was painted lime sherbet green and the kitchen attached was lemon yellow. It was so ugly! But because the ceilings were so high and there was so much light that came into the space I knew it could pull off a really bold color. I chose my favorite wall color - red! A beautiful apple red - the whole room felt so much warmer and I didn't need as much on the wall because the paint was the accessories.
I am a little irritated about this whole stimulus check thing. We did recieve our tax return via direct deposit but because we paid for the tax fee out of the return we have to wait for a paper check. We are scheduled to get it in JULY! This is what are need to get the house on the market and it is frusterating! I'm sorry I jump from thought to thought but that is the way my mind works. Actually, it usually has 3-4 things going on at the same time but I can only write about one at a time so I type what is yelling the loudest in my head at that moment. I have had 64 ounces of water today and I haven't really tried. I am just drinking every few minutes and before I know it I'm out of water again.
My girls are going to be flower girls in June. i don't know who is more excited, the girls or me. I got them the cutest dress on sale so that bumped up the cute factor in my eyes. I can't wait! I love having girls and being able to put them in all the frills and pink - they love it too, they are girly girls just like mom. Ainsley has the biggest brown eyes and when she gets upset the well up with tears - melts your heart. Renah still has a baby face and make you want to squeeze her she so cute. She has the pitiful look down too. But last night I was strong, she was upset and wanted to sleep in our bed and I made her stay in hers. When I fell asleep, somehow she knew and went to daddy. She told him she was scared, he asked her why she was scared she saw the opportunity to melt daddy's heart and said, "because I'm not with you". Now Renah is not a daddy's girls, she is all mine. So the rare occasion Renah wants daddy, he soaks it up and guess who was next to me in bed this morning - yep it was Renah!
Since we got our new bed - (commercial break - denver mattresses are the best - we have the "veil" omg I love it!) anyway, now that we have it I sleep so soundly that when the girls come to our bed I have no idea. this is something I 'm sure they love b/c before I would wake up b/c I felt them move or climb on the bed. I think the girls like ours bed better than theirs - it really is super comfortable. So I guess that it for now, if you stayed to read this whole crazy blog of odd thoughts that go through my head. Have a great day!

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