Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Just two?

So my babies are in Florida with my in laws until next week when they come back up for graduation (mine and hubby's - woo hoo!) I miss them! Wade and I went to lunch yesterday and the hostess said that phrase when she was seating us, "just two?" It made me sad, I love being with Wade by ourselves and look forward to our date nights but I just felt like she stabbed me with those two little words.
I know they are having fun but I miss them! Wade has morning classes during the week so i am all alone and it's weird! I told Wade this morning that I have not been by myself this much since he went to Iraq the first time in 2003 when I was pregnant with Ainsley. He left in March, she was born in June, so most days i was alone. It's just weird to realize that I don't do much alone. Yes, sometimes I go to the store but it is a different feeling knowing you are getting away for a couple of hours verses this. I'm sorry if I am not making any sense, I am rambling. Well, I should go do some laundry. have a good day!

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