Friday, July 17, 2009

16 and pregnant

Last night I was laying in bed and found this show on MTV "16 and pregnant" I was curious so I decided to watch. I saw 1/2 of one that was what you would expect, a 16 year girl and her boyfriend not knowing how hard life can be anyway much less as teenage parents without an education or decent job. The next one was surprising. It was a couple of kids who didn't have the best home life. Each of their parents were divorced and ended up marring each other. The kids knew their home life was not good and without finishing their education they would be in the same place as their parents. So they decided on adoption.
Both of their parents were against the idea, not once saying they wanted to help them but saying they should love the baby enough to keep her. The boys dad even told him to "man up" and be a father. The kids were so mature in all of it saying how much they do love her and because of that didn't want her to live in that mess or come from a broken home. The boy said she does need love but she needs more than love because love won't buy diapers or clothes. You could tell they did struggle with the decision to give her up but knew it was best for her.
The worst thing the girls mom did was refuse to sign th paperwork for the adoption. ( I guess because they were minors, they needed parental consent in order to give the baby up on the hospital property) So the babies mom, had to leave the hospital with the baby knowing she was giving her up. It was so hard on her because she had geared herself up for leaving the hospital empty handed. They had to leave the property to give the baby up.
I was so proud of those kids as they knew what was best for their daughter no matter how hard it was for them they couldn't be selfish about it. They were talking with some friends at one point and was asked if they had just considered getting married and raising her. They said we are too young and would end up divorced and that is no life for her. Yes, they were too young to have a baby, but they knew that and it took so much strength to do what they did. I hope they do finish high school and college.
I was just so touched by that particular show and in a way felt their pain. it showed them in the hospital holding her and kissing their child goodbye. I know that feeling - though we had different circumstances, we each laid in a hospital bed holding our baby and said goodbye. If you think of them today, say a prayer for this young couple who made such an amazing choice despite the opposition they faced. Pray for their peace and their future, and for those other young parents who choose to keep their baby despite the opposition they may face.

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