Monday, January 12, 2009

Oh my aching back...

Wade and I moved the bedroom around a bit today. I am very happy with the results but man it was hard work! When Wade was in Iraq the last time, we got a good tax return so I went and bought us a new bedroom suite. We had never had one - we had a bed frame and a dresser I bought at a yard sale - it was a sad sight.
Anyway, I went to a furniture store and found a set that was within our budget and put it on layaway. We had the money but was about to move so I wanted it delivered to the new place. When I went to pay it out, I couldn't remember what it looked like so I asked to see it. It was then on clearance and i saw a set that i really feel in love with. It was about $600 more and I couldn't afford the extra. So I told myself to be grateful that we had a bedroom suite finally.
A few days later, I received a phone call from the manager at the furniture store. There had been a flood at the warehouse when they kept the layaway furniture and my bedroom suite was ruined and since it was on clearance, there were no more. He then said, "One of the saleswomen told me you had your eye on another set but you couldn't afford it. Would it be ok if we upgraded your set to the one your liked better?"
I was so amazed at that blessing from God. He cared enough about my little want and gave me the nicer bedroom set. And I do love this set but since I bought it in Texas - it is Texas sized! We have a king size bed and huge furniture and have yet to have a bedroom that this set really fits in!
So I cleaned all day, mostly in my bedroom and i have a few more things to do tomorrow to get ready for classes on Wednesday. I really want to be on top of the house work before classes begin. When I started in the fall I worked until the day before classes began and the house was a wreck going into classes. I was able to do quite a bit of cleaning but when I lost my son, I wasn't able to keep up with the house I did clean up but just wanted to take the time to rest and grieve. Now I do need to get a schedule going. This semester isn't going to be easy for me in the fact that march is coming. As much as I want to avoid it, March 23 will be here soon and I will have to deal with that. I have been able to take some time and just feel the pain in the past few weeks. I know it has helped just to take a few minutes to myself and feel the pain and cry. I can try to push it away but that will not really help me.
I am trying to get excited about my classes. I am taking pottery so that should be fun. I am just hoping that I don't have things due the entire semester like last time. Well, I hope you are having a good night - I am going to bed!

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Tippa Glover said...

I got chills reading about your bedroom suite! God works in mysterious ways and always takes care of us! I know He will comfort you as March approaches.