Sunday, January 11, 2009


For a New Year's Resolution, Wade wanted to try a new recipe a week. So we started a new blog about our new recipes. This is it. It was really good. So I am working on finding new things to try. I found quite a few.
I enjoy cooking and have been cooking for quite some time. My mom was not the best cook but did not realize it ( which is worse than someone who can't cook and knows it!) lol! We used to eat out on holidays until I was about 14, I decided we were going to have a home cooked meal and I was going to do it! After that, I started cooking more during the week. My mom thought I was just being helpful, it was really about survival!
The good thing that came out of it, was I learned to experiment in the kitchen and got pretty good at cooking at least my husband thinks so! So try the new recipe if you want and let us know what you think! Have a good day!

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Buffi said...

OH GIRL...I'm SO excited about your new cooking blog! Cooking is SO not my thing and I NEVER have ideas of what to do. So I'm hoping to learn from what you're learning!!! The chicken and squash looked yummy!!! GREAT JOB!!! I think it's a wonderful new years resolution!!! Can't wait to read more!!! Hope you have a wonderful week!
p.s. we're on the Daniel Fast right now. about trouble finding what to cook!