Friday, January 16, 2009

I'm kindof pathetic!

Every day I read the blogs I follow and hope for new ones (as do most of you - admit it). The pathetic part for me is there is always a little let down when I get to the end of my list. It is like being 7 and getting to the end of the presents. I enjoyed the ones I opened, but am sad there are no more.
In other news, it is 14 degrees out right now. In some parts of the country that is not such a big deal, BUT I live in southeast Tennessee. That is not supposed to happen! Plus, no snow! If it is to be this cold we should have a few feet of snow. Because that would give me reason not to go anywhere. As some of you know, the south shuts down for snow. I have bread and milk, I am good! What are we supposed to do with bread and milk if we are snowing? Please tell me! I do not want toast and milk in a snowstorm, I want chili and soup and warm comfort foods but bread and milk are a must if snow is called.
Schools were canceled today due to cold weather. Does anyone else find that a bit odd? Last week, schools were closed b/c it was raining so much. Even the schools want snow days so instead they are taking what they can get! I had to get the girls out today because Wade and I still had classes. As I was getting out of bed and Wade told me how cold it was I was wondering what to do for the girls as they do not have really cold weather gear. So I improvised and let them wear jammies under their clothes. We then had to walk about 1/2 mile to meet up with the sitter. They really wanted me to drive but parking is horrible on campus so we would of had to walk further if I drove. It was a good workout b/c we walked super fast! Ok, enough rambling
I guess. I will be on the cooking blog later on posting about dinner! Have a warm and toasty evening!


Tippa Glover said...

I feel the exact same sad when I am done with my blog list...and if no one posts! It really makes me post more, because I understand how it is when no one is posting!! :-) What did we do before this blog world??!!

I hear it is quite frigid in the south. So weird. My dad used to tell me that when it is that cold, it is too cold to snow...and I never quite understood that. And the whole milk and bread idea! I am with you...chili, soup, and comfort foods all the way! Maybe even some hot chocolate with marshmellows!!

Anyway, stay warm over there!!!

Buffi said...

I feel the same way. Yet...I'm SO guilty of not posting as frequently as I'd like. When we were in the adoption process I had SOOO much to blog about. Now...I feel as if it's not as interesting. I always look forward to a new post though!!! And yes....I wish we'd get some snow here! What's the use of cold weather without snow!?!?

Hope you have a good week...and maybe we'll both have lots of posts to read this week!! :)