Friday, August 22, 2008


That is something I am working on with God. It was a difficult decision to quit my job and become a full time student because as most of you know, my husband too is a full time student. So now here we are, two full time students with two small children who grow out of clothes and shoes quickly and another one on the way with no real income! But I feel God has been preparing me. Recently, I have "stumbled " across blogs of people trusting God through horrible circumstances and He never let them fall. Sunday night, I heard a minister share his experiences of miracles even witnessing his own daughter come back to life. I am not dumb enough to consider all of this a coincidence, I know God is showing me He is going to take care of us and I am daily ignoring my flesh and looking to God to show me how He is going to take care of us.

I once told Wade I know God was testing me when I had to go through the birth of our first child by myself. I have always felt like I failed that test horribly! I couldn't understand why a loving caring God would allow that. I know there are so many worse things that could have happened to us, but that was very difficult for me at the time. I do feel so much stronger than I did then but I don't want to feel like I have failed the test we are going through now! So if you think about it, pray for my family as we hit some trials. Pray that we will not look to our surroundings for our answers but to our Lord. He can make every dollar stretch and every tank of gas last longer than it should. I know He has opened this door for us and will not let us fall.

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