Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Trip

I have been back at work for about 4 days now but have been really busy with school about to start. The phonecalls are endless! We had a good weekend but I really don't like sleeping outside! I enjoy the cooking out(ok, my husband cooking out), the fires, and the other things that go with it but I hate hate hate sleeping outside! Mostly because I am a big scaredy cat and jump at every scuffle sound and am sure there is a large bear, any other wild animal, or a crazy person outside my tent ready to strike!

We stayed as close as possible to the bathroom because we have 2 little girls who have to pee every 10 minutes and if they mention it, then I have to go as well! And we wanted to be close enough to be able to watch the girls go on their own because it makes them feel like big girls. There was a family bathroom that only had the one stall so I felt ok letting them go in there by themselves.

The first night we had our nice big air mattress and we were ready for bed. But a couple of hours into the night, Wade moved and was catipulted into him. Our feet we several inches above our heads and I couldn't get back to my side of the bed. I would almost get comfotable again and Wade would move and again I would be thrown over on him. At one point when that happened I was comfortable but Wade said his neck was at a weird angle so I had to move. Ainsley woke up at about 3 to go to the bathroom and I made Wade take her because again I am a big scaredy cat then realized I too had to go. So I made Wade stand outside the tent to wait for me! We took the air mattress back to the bathroom to blow it up again (which did not stay up!)
We struggled for the next few hours to sleep and finally as the sun was coming up i moved to the end of the matress and laid across Wade's feet. That acually seemed to even things out a bit and we were able to sleep for a couple of hours. We had 2 birthday parties we had already commited to on Saturday so we headed down the mountain to sleepily go but a present and get to the party. Can you guess what else we bought? Yep! A brand new air mattress! Which did work much better.

Renah is like me - terrified of bugs! I was trying so hard to be brave but Renah didn't care she screamed every time she saw a cricket or a "recipie" (that is what she called the centipede). Ainsley was so great she would step on them or take them away from us. Such the brave girl! All in all it was a relaxing weekend but I am really trying to convince the girls that hotels are really THE vacation spot! Well, I have my first OB appt in a few minutes so I am going to get my things together. have a good day!

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