Thursday, March 5, 2009

It's whats on the inside

Earlier this week, Ainsley had her spring pictures taken. We had picked out a cute little dress for her to wear the night before. When she woke up in the morning she decided she did not want to wear that she wanted to wear jeans instead. Since it was her picture I decided to let her wear what she wanted. A few minutes later she changed her mind again and at this point we didn't have time for her to change. Plus, we are working on consequences based on your decisions. Good or bad, we want her to understand she can't always change her mind once she realizes the consequence of her decision. We are teaching her she can fix it but not change it.
She realized in her picture she would be wearing jeans and wanted to look cute. Something else we are working on is teaching the girls that true beauty comes from the heart, and no matter what she wears, if her heart is not pretty, she won't be pretty on the outside. So we talked about how some people don't have nice clothes but are beautiful because of their heart and someone who may have the best clothes may not very nice looking if their heart is not good. I felt pretty good about this talk as I was being patient with her and trying to explain this. We were in the car at this point and she is still upset so in a very whiny voice she says, "But mommy, they aren't going to take a picture of my heart!"
It took me a few minutes to recover form that one so she wouldn't see me snicker. We then prayed and walked into school. Out of the mouth of babes! This mothering stuff is tough! My next post will be about Renah trying to save the world!

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Buffi said...

TOO FUNNY!!! We've always told our children the same thing!!! ESPECIALLY the girls. We tell them it's their "happy heart" that makes them pretty. And when they don't have a "happy heart" they don't look pretty. You can base that on the scripture in Proverbs that says "a happy heart makes the face cheerful". (I forget what version that is...) But we focus on that A LOT with our kiddos!! can answer her question with..."even though they don't take a picture of your heart....they'll see it all over your face!! :) Such a sweet conversation!
Gotta run.