Friday, February 27, 2009

sick, sick, sick

Yuck we are all sick! I have been sick with a stomach bug since Tuesday, Wade has some kind of junk, Ainsley was sent home from school today with a fever, and Renah has some nose issues. I just want to be over this! I made it to one class today, but that is when Ainsley's school called. So we came home and went to bed! We have layed around all afternoon. So excuse me while I whine but, " WE DON"T FEEL WELL! WAH!!!!" I hope you have a good weekend!


Buffi said...

I'm so sorry. that yucky bug has been going around here too. I hope you all feel better soon. It is NEVER fun being sick! :( Get well soon!

~*Lisa*~ said...

Oh Chrissy I hope everyone get's better soon! Praying for you guys!