Thursday, March 5, 2009

Renah to the rescue!

The other day, we were going to lunch and we saw a homeless man by the side of the road. Renah asked what he was doing so I told her he did not have a home and he was asking for help. We decided to get him a meal as well. Unfortunately, he was gone when we went back out. Renah was so upset by this and by the fact he didn't have a bed or stuffed animals.
Later on, she was telling Ainsley about what she had seen that day (Ainsley was in school at the time) Renah decided that the next time we see him we should get him and bring him to our house. I told her that was sweet but we don't have an extra bed or room for him. She was quiet for a while (she amazes me at her attention span and how long she will think about something) About 30 minutes later she announced, " I have a great idea! We will get a bigger house and another bed right by me and I will share my pillows and blankets and he can live with us!"
She was so proud of her idea. As was I. I love that she is so generous and is trying to save the world!


Buffi said...

That is amazing!!! What a great heart she has!!!

~*Lisa*~ said...

Awe That is precious. You have a sweet little girl who's heart is as big as she is :)