Saturday, March 28, 2009

I made it

Monday was very hard but I made it. I took my test online but did not go to the rest of my classes. I just didn't feel like it. We took the girls to a park in the early evening and had ice cream for dinner. The rest of the week went alright, Tuesday, a friend wanted to take me to a small town that has some really good bargain stores. We had a good time.
Today, we had a birthday party at Chuck E.Cheese. The girls had so much fun. They haven't been in a long time because it is in Chattanooga. It was funny because the last time we went, Renah had just turned 2 and Ainsley was 3, we had to follow them and help them with everything. This time, they would get tokens from us and go off to play. We did help get them some tickets though because of course you can't leave without some kind of junk!
We got home and all took a nap. I woke up starving and made tacos for dinner yum! I haven't been cooking much lately. We have been so busy and exhausted and the next few weeks will be even busier with our Easter program coming up and I am planning a wedding for someone in the next 6 weeks. This post seems really disjointed but I am trying to get the girls in their bath and thinking about studying for another German test I have on Monday. So i am going to go and bathe my munchkins, i hope you are having a great weekend.

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