Thursday, February 2, 2012

Bad blogger!

So this is my 200th post and I guess I was waiting for earth shattering blog material to post it! Life has been really crazy lately. I have been on break from my classes until this week but have been working with the girls. We started a new curriculum after Christmas and it is much better for us. It is a lot more self driven rather than me having to come up with lesson plans and teaching every day. Mackenzie is getting big and into everything! So my days are full to overflowing daily. I feel like I don't sit down to rest until around 10pm on most days. I'm not complaining mind you I'm just a little overwhelmed some days. I feel as though my house is never clean, the girls room especially. Oh well, I guess that comes with the territory of having my girls home with me all the time. I guess that's about all for now, I'm just going to add a few pics of my cuties. Have a great day!


ekarifin said...

LOL im the one who is the bad blogger here... ^^

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