Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Trying for inspiration

So tonight my blog is my guinea pig. I am trying to get over my writer' block for a paper and I almost always have nothing to talk about! I finished a paper yesterday and have another due by Friday (although my self imposed deadline is tomorrow so i can have Friday off and begin my break a little early). Anyway I cannot get anything to come out in this paper. It is a paper on marriage and family counseling which I have done so many times before but this time the only way I could think of starting it was with the line from Princess Bride, "Mawwiage is what bwings us together today"

So that's what I did. I got a little after that but I think I am going to leave it alone tonight and start first thing in the morning. It's so frustrating!! So I recently switched school and am know an online student. I have to say i am really learning a lot but the work load is crazy! I have no time for anything right now. Thankfully the sessions are only 8 weeks long but oh my goodness and I busy. I took 2 classes the first 8 weeks and will be taking only 1 class the next 8. Hopefully I will be able to stay on top of things a little better in the next session.

I feel like my house has been a wreck since January. I have tried to take about one day a week to clean but that doesn't always happen. Oh well, this is season. I feel like I should get that tattooed on me I say it so much!

We had some really nice days the past few weeks but then it got cold again. Why is it I always forget we get a fake spring every year? It just comes out to tease us and when it gets cold again, it's worse because then it's usually rainy and cold. My 2 weather dislikes!

Well, I don't feel inspired yet so I guess the paper will still be there waiting on me tomorrow. I guess I'll watch some TV right now. The only problem is I am really comfy in the recliner and the remotes are on the couch. Ah the problems of a first world nation ;) Have a great evening friends!

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jenniferthomas said...

Hi there! I'm a newbie to the blogging world and just ran across your blog and oh, the trials of being mom, wife, housekeeper (sometimes...hee, hee), student and so it goes on. But keep your chin up, it can always get better. I like to think of it this life when we have trials, it is actually a test and if we don't pass unfortunately we have to take the test again, but oh, if we pass we get a promotion! :) Take a breath! (I always hold my breath when I am stressed, so take a breath is something I tell myself a lot!) Well, I hope you have a wonderful day...spring is a comin'! :) TTFN Jennifer