Friday, January 15, 2010

Too bad I am not creative with titles...

We are 16 days into the new year and wow it has been crazy! Wade and I have had class all week from 8-5 in Human Sexuality. The class was alright but from about Thusday morning on I don't think I heard much. It is hard to listen for that long! Wade unfortunately has another intensive class next week. Regular classes start the week after that.
Last night was our first night home in a week due to having no heat here. It was so stinking cold! Thankfully, we have some amazing friends who let a family of five stay with them for a week! It was so good to be home and to have it warm in the house. But of course today, the temps have warmed up quite a bit. I don't care my heat is still on!
Mackenzie will be 4 months old on Monday. I cannot believe it has been that long! She is starting to wean due to the fact that we had to supplement with formula so early. It is frustrating because I really wanted to breastfeed her longer. I have never had an adequate milk supply though I have tried all I can to increase it. I enjoy that special time with my girls and am not ready to give it up but we are both getting frustrated with it.
I feel like a crazy person when it comes to breastfeeding because half of me says "it's ok, at least she is healthy and getting nourishment from the bottle" the other (crazy) half says " Just keep it up" I know that breastfeeding is best for her and I have tried so hard I'm just tired.
Well, I guess that is enough discussion of my breastfeeding - I can't imagine someone's disappointment when they google something else and get this! I hope you are having a great beginning 2010 nd getting used to writing that!


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