Monday, January 25, 2010


Last week was a good week. It didn't start out that way, Sunday afternoon I started feeling bad and by Sunday night I was sick, sick sick! Monday, Wade had an intensive class that began, the girls were off school and I was miserable! I felt so bad because I was really looking forward to the girls being off school for us to do something fun but I didn't move off the couch except to make a bottle and hand the baby to one of them.
The girls children's church is going to Kidsfest in May. At least one parent has to go with them so it is not a cheap trip especially for a family of five living on student loans. We told the girls we would try and save the money for us to go. Ainsley decided to try and raise some money as well by making and selling flowers from little foam cut outs. She has them priced from .60 to 9000! She asks anyone who comes to the house to buy one and is surprised that no one has chosen the 9000 one!
One of the things Ainsley said she also wanted to save money for was a DS. We wanted to get them one for Christmas but we just couldn't afford it. A friend heard her talking about it and later told us she had one she did not play and wanted to know if it was ok to give it to them. It was such a kind gift and the girls love it! Last week I did a lot of cleaning around the house and ended up finding one of our old gameboys as well, so now the girls have one of each and are doing well with sharing them.
Saturday, I got a call from a friend who works with some greek letter clubs. She wanted to know if I had anything that needed to be done around the house. I had been cleaning all week but had not tackled the laundry yet. I had so many clean loads that needed to be folded. She brought 5 girls over here and for about 2 -3 hours folded my laundry. I am still working on getting it put away but that was such an enormous help. I think it was the best gift ever!
The week ended with an amazing dinner and visit from our great friends Steve and Kathy Fisher. We met them in Italy when we lived there. They ran the Hospitality House and have been friends, and mentors since. We haven't seen them since Ainsley was Mackenzie's age. It was such a great time and a great end to a great week. We are so blessed to have such amazing friends and we are so thankful for them. Well, I think my coffee has kicked in so I am going to start working on putting away more laundry! have a great day!

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