Monday, June 1, 2009


I realized I had not posted about our camping trip last weekend. It was fun, and coming from someone who is not a camper that is saying alot! There were about 35 people from church that went. We had community breakfast and dinner and lunch was however we wanted. We took the girls scooters but they didn't use them much, they borrowed bikes from other kids and rode and played from the time they woke up until it was dark. The girls had so much fun. It did rain on Sunday but not just a little rain - it poured! We were about to have dinner when the sky just opened up! I was in my tent and the girls and some of their friends were in theirs. I don't know where Wade ended up but we made it through. And probably the best part for me was that Wade decided we should get a pop up camper! I told him I wouldn't mind camping more often if I didn't have to sleep in a tent, so we are looking for an inexpensive, used one - woo hoo! I am oing to try and upload some pics of the trip now - we will see!

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Buffi said...

Looks like you guys had a GREAT time. We haven't taken our family camping yet...but we have really wanted to. I'm not a "roughing it" kind of gal!! :) If I had a NICE camper...I might consider it!! Great pictures. Your family is beautiful!! Have a great week!