Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Really bad blogger!

I have ignored my little blog for quite some time now! Not purposely but seriously busy around here. A couple of months ago we moved to Chattanooga - not a huge move but about 45 minutes from where we were. Wade had been a bail bondsman in Chattanooga several months and was on the road constantly between Cleveland and Chattanooga. It has been great for him as we are just about 10 minutes from his work. Harder on me as I don't know anyone here and so much of life is still in Cleveland. The girls and I drive back for church, doctors and I have a class once a week. It has been an adjustment. The girls are still home schooling and the great part about this house is that we have a home schooling room. My little girl is due in a matter of weeks. I am scheduled to be induced Oct. 3rd but they are fairly certain I will go in the next couple of weeks. I now feel ready for her so I'm fine with whenever she makes her arrival. This pregnancy has been difficult on me and I think the whole family is ready to have me back. We started school a little earlier this year so I could take time off after the baby comes. I'll add pictures of the first day on here. Mackenzie was so excited to be "in school" with sisters! Her picture is priceless. I hope to be able to figure out how to balance everything soon and get back to blogging a little more often. I know it is a good outlet for me, even if no one else reads it! Thank you for patience and prayers!

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