Thursday, May 3, 2012


Well, first of all, everything with the baby looks good! I had to get blood drawn first and I was so nervous about making sure the baby was ok, I asked them to check the heartbeat before I had to wait longer on the ultrasound. The dr's office is so sweet to me and understands my fear took me to hear the heartbeat. So after waiting longer for the ultrasound (but at that point I was fine) the doctor took us in to see the baby. The cord was between the legs which made it hard to give a 100% answer, but she said she was pretty sure it's a girl! I am going back in 2 weeks to get another ultrasound to double check but I think we are going to continue the pink! I am excited, Wade is still holding out hope lol! But most of all I feel relieved that this little one looks great!

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