Saturday, April 14, 2012

I don't know where the time goes!

Ok, I never mean for it to go this long in between posts but life is really busy right now. In fact, I should be doing homework as I am behind about 3 weeks and have 2 15 page papers due in a couple of weeks. However, I have been wanting to come on here and announce that we are expecting baby #4! I am 15 weeks along now and while this week and the next 2 are the most scary for me I am very optimistic about this pregnancy. I will find out in just a couple of weeks what we are having. Hubby of course wants a boy, but I am rooting for more pink. I love having girls and while I would be happy either way, my preference is a girl. Well, I have to get busy on my homework before I pass out from exhaustion! I'll try to come back soon and fill in more of what has been happening with us.

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