Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Renah's 7!!

On Thanksgiving, Renah turned 7. With the busyness of the season I haven't been able to post but I wanted to write her own post. Renah has always been tall and at 16 months younger than Ainsley she is less than an inch shorter. The doctor said she is taller than the average 8 1/2 year old! She and Ainsley both are just about in my size shoe. When they get new boots, they are so excited that I can borrow them! Renah has always been into babies and I am pretty sure she will be an obstetrician when she grows up. She loves watching birth shows and can give lots of information! She is doing well with home school but gets frustrated when she doesn't get it right away. She has and continues to teach me patience! She is a little ham and even when I've reached my limit with her, I can't imagine our family without her!