Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Kids- you gotts love em!

I was reading Stie's blog about her daughter and her "wrinkles". It reminded me that a couple of months ago, my girls and I were walking around Bed, Bath and Beyond when Ainsley proceeds to tell me about a commercial she saw for Roc wrinkle cream. I'm half listening because I'm in B,B,and B and "oh look at these pots!" and "how have I ever cracked an egg on my own without this new egg cracker thing?" Anyway, she keeps talking and tells me that this cream is supposed to make women look 10 years younger and takes away the deep wrinkles..."like the one on your forehead." So I put off buying the egg cracker thing until my feeble hands can no longer crack eggs, but I will probably forget what eggs even are in a few days considering my well advanced age and horribly wrinkled face!
My only highlight is that I'm buying her some Roc when she turns 33!

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The 'Smarty Pants' Family said...

hahahaha!Don't you just love how honest kids are? It's terrible heehee