Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sum, Sum, Summertime!

Well, I have been MIA lately! These online classes are much more intense than my classes I took at the seminary, but it is a good thing. I feel as though I am learning so much. I am just adjusting to having to do some kind of school work on a daily basis with something due every week! The girls are home for the summer and I was concerned at first with what I was going to do with them all day. Our cars are both acting up and do not have air and finances are tight so I knew we couldn't be driving all over the place. Then nana and papa showed up with a pool; the heavens opened and the angels sang The Hallelujah Chorus! The girls have been having so much fun in there. They are playing outside, and sleeping great at night!
I set up the carport as a little place in the shade for me with a table and chairs, fans and lights. It is really nice even when it is sweltering out! I can get my wireless out there so I can do my homework and be with the girls. Tonight after dinner, the were all playing in the pool then I had them get out to dry off. They started catching lightning bugs. Even Mackenzie and I got in on the fun. We put them in a jar for a little while but let them go when they looked like they needed more air! Mackenzie was determined to bring one in as a pet! I finally convinced her that it needed to stay out!
This is turning out to be a great summer even though I am still in school. I know the girls love the pool, but I think I may love it more. Not only does it keep some of the fighting away, but I don't feel bad that we aren't going anywhere because we are having so much fun here! I don't think I could ever repay nana and papa for the gift of a guilt free summer!
Because of where the pool is, if Mackenzie is napping or I need to get some things done inside, I can still see the girls from the kitchen window (which is where I am 98% of the time!) But I don't do that if Mackenzie is out there - I just don't feel safe doing that. If I do need to be away from the kitchen for a few minutes I have the girls get out and take a break until I can watch them again.
Renah has lost 2 teeth in the last month and was so excited! When Ainsley lost her last tooth, Renah was sad she had yet to lose any. That night the tooth fairy left Ainsley her money and Renah a note that told her that her time was coming to lose teeth and she would visit her when it did happen. I think Renah was more excited about her note than Ainsley was about her money!
I recently bought some cake decorating things from a friend in hope to start a small business of cake decorating. Not Cake Boss or anything crazy like that, but some cute cakes for a little extra income. I have had fun practicing and have used any excuse for a cake!
I made one for the girls last day of school, for their teachers, Wade's birthday/Memorial day, a going away party, Papa's birthday... I think you get the picture. I have tried my hand at marshmallow fondant and for my first attempt it wasn't so bad, but it needs work! I am really enjoying this though!
Well, this turned out longer than I expected so if you are still hanging in there, congratulations (maybe I should make you a cake!) I hope your summer is turning out as great as ours and you are enjoying our family time as well! Have a great day!


Fun Pen said...

Summertime is the best! Make some time in your busy schedule and enjoy!

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