Thursday, October 8, 2009

Can't expect much on little sleep!

I haven't meant to ignore my blog but I have been a bit busy and sleep deprived. Mackenzie is such an easy going baby. The girls are so in love with her. We had her first doctor's appt on Monday. She is not back up to birth weight yet and according to their scale she has lost weight since leaving the hospital, so I may have to start supplementing with formula soon. I take her for another weigh in Monday and if she hasn't put the weight back on I have to. I have never been able to fully breast feed and I am trying so hard but I'm afraid I still don't have enough milk.
She has been to my classes with me and is so good, most people forget she is there. She doesn't however like to sleep in her bassinet. She is fine in our arms, the bouncy seat, or the boppy but the bassinet is flat and doesn't hold her close so she hates it! Well that is it for tonight she has a gassy tummy so I need to help her. Have a good evening!

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