Thursday, May 21, 2009

New phone

Last Friday, while running errands,I was stopped on a hill, talking on the phone to my husband trying to find a radio stations to drop off the CD I had in my car for him. The CD fell off the seat hitting the plastic thing of cupcakes I was taking to Ainsley's school to celebrate her birthday early with her friends and popped it open. At the same time, i got a text and when I went to hang up the phone and fix the cupcakes, my phone fell into the cup of sprite i had in my cup holder. And did I mention who the text was from? The bride who was getting married on Saturday, whom i was planning and coordinating the wedding for! I tried drying it out in a bag of rice but no luck so i have been out of a phone for almost a week! i went in today to get one but before I could get it, my husband came in to join me for lunch. We ate next door with a friend of his who talked Wade into talking me into an iphone. Oh my goodness, it is awesome! I just love it! Well, we are heading to Walmart to get some camping supplies because we are going camping with a group from church this weekend. i hope you have a great Memorial Day!

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